Sunday, January 03, 2010

Tempus fugit too fast

When I was a kid I loved the movie War Games and thought a computer hacker must be the coolest person ever. It's too bad technology has changed so much that David Lightman's nifty tricks-- using a soda can tab to make a pay phone give him a free call, opening a combination-locked door using a tape recorder-- probably wouldn't help him much any more. But watching the movie with my dad again tonight was a nice trip down nostalgia lane. Except for Ally Sheedy.

There she is, playing Matthew Broderick's love interest, smiling because she's got a geeky guy and they're going to rule the world.

When I used to watch War Games, I thought Ally Sheedy looked like a very grown up glamour queen. So hip and daring, sassing the teacher and riding her motorbike and jogging right up to David's front door. She was a woman of the world. And now...

Now I think, "Wow, she's so young!"


Warren said...

I loved that movie when it came out. One of the hilarious things for me when I watched it about 2 years ago was the "uber-retro" technology. An 8 inch floppy disk, and an Ohio Scientific (!) 8-bit computer, probably of the kind that ran CP/M, an early 8-bit single-task operating system similar to DOS, for machines with about 64kb of total RAM.


Rachel Gray said...

Exactly. It's such a perfect period piece now. I enjoy watching it just for all the little 80's details.

Similarly, movies of the 1990's often show the main character's coolness by having him use a cell phone-- a gigantic, very clunky, very outdated cell phone. That's always fun. :)

Rachel Ann said...

Hahaha!! Nice.