Saturday, January 30, 2010

Four fun videos

My cat's scared of a tiny dog half her size, but this cat runs off a bear:

Clever bottlenose dolphins hunting for fish-- though my mom points out this is no more amazing than birds building nests or spiders weaving webs; it's just that this is a new behavior we're not used to seeing from childhood.

David Niven, trying to present an Oscar, is interrupted by a streaker. I love how Niven keeps his British cool, but you have to appreciate the streaker's timing too!

A digital reconstruction of Captain Sullenberger's flight and landing in the Hudson River.


Rachel Ann said...

I got all teary-eyed watching the Hudson River one.

Pam H. said...

The bear was right, to be afraid of the cat, if it's anything like my Calico!

We once had a Maine Coon Cat that was 32" from tip of nose to tip of tail; he was very calm, cool and collected. Once, a neighbor's dog (maybe 45 lbs.) tore up to him, snarling viciously. The 'Coon turned around, calmly, and looked at the dog, much as to say, "May I help you?" The dog screeched to a stop, turned, tucked his tail, and ki-yi'd back home, fast as he could. I miss that cat.

Rachel Gray said...

I read an interview with the control tower guy who was communicating with Cpt. Sullenberger on that video. He said when Sully said they'd end up in the Hudson, he figured he'd be the last person to talk to anyone on the plane alive.

Maine Coons are so beautiful. And it'd be nice to have a cat with guts! We're taking care of a neighbor's tiny dog for three weeks, and I've been carrying our cat in and out of the house because she's afraid to walk by him. :)