Friday, January 08, 2010

It's a high of 74 degrees today in the L.A. area

Our tangelo tree is heavily laden with bright orange fruit, flowers are blooming, and birds are singing.

Heard it was a bit cold in other parts of the country...


Mary Rose said...

This just isn't fair. I'm staring out the window at 5 inches of snow.

Well. We did have a lovely Autumn. And good hearty soups just aren't the same in 74 degree weather. (A measly way to console myself, but there it is.)


Laura said...

Sit down at computer.
Pull up Google Reader.
"A new blog post, I'll go read that and leave a comment to tell Rachel how much I'm enjoying her blog since I re-discovered it."
Read title of blog post.
Read text.
Check current weather info: 15 F, Light Snow, (feels like 0 F)
Check highs for the weekend: Sat. 12, Sun. 21.
Remember to be thankful for the beauty of landscapes draped in white, Smartwool socks, and the slate colored junco I spotted today.
(even if I do feel a bit envious of the tangelo tree)

stay cool, Rachel!
love from Ithaca, NY

Rachel Gray said...

Laura, thank you for your smile-inducing account of how this post was received. :) It's nice to hear from you! Mary Rose, I wouldn't know about the hearty soups since I've never been in snowy weather, but I bet you're right. The closest I came was when I tried to hike in some month-old snow in Yosemite. Everyone else in the party did fine, but I was slippin' and slidin' and had to hold a friend's hand to make it. I never learned how to handle actual weather. :)

Father Schnippel said...

In Ohio, we can get all four seasons in one day.

That's a test of patience, for sure.

Rachel Gray said...

Father, I don't think L.A. has that many seasons in the course of the whole year. :)