Saturday, September 20, 2008

You don't get THIS at Mass!

I have this from my mom, who tells me all the funny happenings from the Protestant church my parents go to. They have an assistant pastor there, Pastor Tate, who's black and knows how enliven the sometimes-staid congregation. It seems that last Sunday, Pastor Tate was giving the announcements and describing the upcoming church picnic:

"It'll be a time for family! And there'll be food! And fun! And fellowship!"

He turned to the senior pastor, sitting to one side. "Greg, how do you like that alliteration?"

"More! More!" called Pastor Waybright with a grin.

Pastor Tate turned back to the congregation. "And the fundamentals of the faith!" he yelled, and the congregation cheered.

"Chuck!" he called to another assistant pastor, "your turn to come up here and give us an f-word!"

Sudden shock from the congregation. And Pastor Tate abruptly clapped his hands over his mouth and sat down.


farfarolla said...

and yet another reason why mama Gray needs to convert.

Mary Rose said...

Omigosh...funny in an "oops!" kind of way!

I am so grateful that I don't have to put up with such shenanigans at my parish. It's quiet and solemn. Not a SNL skit.

Rachel Gray said...

Amen, I would hate that stuff at Mass. It's fine for a Protestant service, though, I think... they're fundamentally different kinds of things.