Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vespers dance!

At Valyermo this weekend St. Andrews Abbey is having its Fall Festival. Lots of arts and crafts to look at. But the brochure also warns:

"You will want to stay for our outdoor VESPERS CELEBRATION performed by the Valyermo Dancers at 4:30 pm both days."

They're inflicting dance on the Liturgy of the Hours now? Is there any way that could not be bad? And how long until the LA Cathedral books these people?

Update: I heard from one of the members of the Valyermo Dancers by e-mail, and it turns out they have danced at the Cathedral. :)


The Cellarer said...

Aargh, lads, your letting the Benedictine side down. (Cellarer blushes)

Hopefully, what this is is simply a dance show which has been labelled 'Vespers Celebration' and not the actual office which will be at 6:00pm as normal for that monastery.


Rachel Gray said...

Hope springs eternal in the human breast. :) Cellarer, are you a 3rd order Benedictine or something?

JimAroo said...

If you are determined to go to the Antelope Valley.....10 miles from Valyermo is Mount Carmel in the Desert where there will never be liturgical dancers or any other liturgical aberration. For more information and schedules see: http://www.mtcarmelinthedesert.com/

Let's hear it for our faithful Carmelite Sisters.


PS And they also don't sell kitschy
ceramic wares. Score one more for the OCDs over the OSBs

Mary Rose said...

Noooooooo!!! Is nothing sacred?

I'd like to stand around and say, "Oh, 'Dancing With the Stars' is on Monday night. I'm sure they're anxiously awaiting your arrival!"

(yes, I'm ornery...)


Rachel, you've won an award. Come over to my blog to collect!

Rachel Gray said...

Thanks Mary!

Jim, I'll have to check out Mt. Carmel in the Desert some day! I'll bet there are better Benedictines out there who could give the OCDs more of a challenge.

JimAroo said...

I know an excellent Benedictine priest....he has spent the last 20 years in exile from the community. They made him a hospital chaplain in San Berdoo. He comes to SPC once in while when visiting his sister in Los Alamitos. His niece is a solemnly professed nun in the Roswell Poor Clares (a place you should visit).

You may not read this but if you do be assured we are praying for you and all the 40 day fasters.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

don't give the Cathedral ideas ;)

The Cellarer said...

Rachel, no, just deeply influenced by benedictine spirituality - nearest abbey not close and have 3 small children, maybe in a few years...