Saturday, September 06, 2008


For a mere $8,000 - $37,000, you can buy yourself a hypoallergenic cat.

But even $50,000 won't buy you a cloned kitten any more, now that Genetic Savings & Clone has gone under.

I'll bet none of those cats could beat the one I was snuggling with at my sister's house a few months ago. She was part of a litter of kittens that all had various abnormalities. The vet thinks the mother cat was sick during gestation, and somehow she sensed her litter was defective and she abandoned them all. But my sister fostered them and adopted them all out but Callio. Callio has a smallish head, small eyes, and improperly formed eyelids, and she's expected to have a short lifespan. She's also apparently dumb as a rock. But she lives to snuggle. When I pick her up she's all over me with the licking and head rubbing; you've never seen such an affectionate cat. My sister says it can get old, when she leaps up on your lap after being pushed off for the tenth time in a row!

I used a variant spelling of "meow" in the post title 'cause it looks cooler. :)

ADDENDUM, 9/7/08: My sister is happy to see that Callio is famous, and reminds me of her other abnormalities: some of her teeth never came in, and she constantly uses her tail as a pacifier (you can see the evidence of this in the picture). "But I love her!!" she says.

She also provided pictures of Callio's littermate, Bartok, named for a big-eared bat character in a cartoon. :)


Eanah said...

Aww, she sounds like a very sweet kitty! I'd love to meet her, but I think I'd better stick with those ultra-expensive hypoallergenic cats. I wish they were cheaper. :(

Eanah said...

Aww, does she use her tail as a pacifier because she didn't go through the normal weaning process with her mom? I've heard of dogs who were weaned too early who constantly suckle on blankets.

Aww, Bartok is adorable! He's kinda got the whole RSL lazy-eye thing going too. :)