Sunday, September 14, 2008

In honor of this feast of the Triumph of the Cross...

... which is also the one-year anniversary of Summorum Pontificum, I'm attending two different traditional Latin Masses today. I'm so glad they're available now!

I also have a friend whose birthday is today, and last year she turned a number ending in zero, on the same day as the TLM was liberated. To celebrate, she actually had two priests (one acting as deacon... or acolyte? I ought to know) say a private TLM for her in their little chapel! We've tried but we can't top a birthday like that.


The Cellarer said...

2 TLM's?

Sounds like a challenge, How many Masses (TLM or NO) could you attend in one day?

You would be struggling in these parts to hit two, and one of those would be a plane or long rail journey away!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

You can attend as many Masses as you want, but you can only receive Communion twice.

2 TLM's i'll be dong that next month.

Rachel Gray said...

Cellarer, you mean even the NO Masses are that far apart? Where do you live?

Considering we're ruled by Mahoney and minions, it's really quite wonderful that there are so many TLMs around. I know of five Sunday TLMs within sort-of-reasonable driving distance, and two a less reasonable distance away, and I know there are a number of others that don't meet every Sunday and probably a few weekly ones I've forgotten.

It's the religious orders that dare to say them-- Norbertines and Carmelites, bless them!

The Cellarer said...

Ah, must have been half asleep, I meant 2 Extraordinary Form Masses, NO's not that bad, well not yet, priest shortage here will really kick in during the next 5 years, though we currently do have seminarians unlike a couple of years ago when it was zero.

Rachel Gray said...

Personally I won't be satisfied till I can hear the TLM every day. :)