Sunday, September 21, 2008

A dessert of all liturgical colors

My excellent friends keep on the lookout for blog material for me. Today when seven of us had a tea party to gorge on tea sandwiches and desserts, Christie carefully constructed her fruit tarts to include every major liturgical color! Kiwis for Ordinary Time, blackberries for the penitential seasons (they look black but bleed purple), pure white peaches for feasts, and strawberries for martyrs. (Yes, Catholic nerds, I know that's a very simplified list of when each color is used.) Being allergic to kiwis, Christie substituted another fruit in her own tart. Not sure what that does to her theology.

The dessert reminded me of these surprising vestments from 18th century Italy, which also include all the colors.

That tea party was awesome, and one of the best things about hosting such an event is that you end up with most of the leftovers. :)

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