Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oreo truffles

I haven't really said anything about food lately on this blog, so here's a post about something I just made (recipe here). :)

It had only three ingredients. Kind of embarrassing to go through a grocery line with stuff like this; I should've thrown in a few apples to look more respectable. But when your starting material is Oreo cookies, white chocolate, and cream cheese, you really can't go wrong.

"We who are about to die salute you."


Mixed in with cream cheese.

Rolled into balls, coated with melted white chocolate, and sprinkled with more crushed Oreos.

Some desserts don't taste as good as they look. These taste BETTER. So good!

But too much of anything is too much, and I began to feel overloaded on sweets. To detox I quickly scarfed down some chopped broccoli:


Mary Rose said...

Oh, my just crack me up! Chopped broccoli!

I've had those Oreo truffles before. You're right. They are super yummy!

We had Chicken Divan tonight. However, I did cook some rice, and then placed a layer of broccoli on top, then the chicken, then the sauce, then a crumbled topping of crushed Ritz crackers mixed with melted butter and some Parmesan cheese. Mmmmmmm....

Only thing missing was those truffles for dessert. :-p

Rachel said...

I had to google Chicken Divan to find out what it is-- looks very good! I'm just learning to cook all sorts of things, since it was only a few months ago that I finally moved into a place where the kitchen is mine and not my parents' or the landlady's. Makes a lot of psychological difference, I find. :)

Bakerella said...

Nice job. And I'm often embarrassed in the grocery line. I rarely buy real food. Mostly butter, sugar and eggs.

Heather said...

I can't get past the idea of combining cream cheese with Oreos. *Shudders*

I'm really glad you enjoyed, but I'll take the broccoli, please! :)

Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

"We who are about to die salute you"
That's funny. And its sounds delicious. I may have to try it when I have a kitchen again. Right now, I have to eat whatever's available in the Dining Facility.

Unknown said...

love the truffles! They are yummy!

Unknown said...

Saw your link in Bakerella's comments... I just made the truffles today :)
Yours look fantastic!