Monday, November 10, 2008

A co-worker went to Korea for vacation...

...and brought back chocolate-covered seaweed for the lab to eat. It tasted exactly like chocolate-covered seaweed. I found it interesting and tasty! Here's a picture I found of it, or something nearly like it.


JimAroo said...

Dear I.F.,
When St Ignatius was fasting and praying in the cave at Manresa (where he received the Spiritual Exercises from the Blessed Virgin Mary), he kept having visions of beautiful meals, tasty dishes, and bowls of juicy fruit. He asked his spiritual director for suggestions to repel these visions which he assumed were temptations from the devil. The director said that no they weren't temptations from the evil spirit but warnings from the good spirit that his fasting was too severe. He told Ignatius to eat more.

Perhaps our dear I.F. has the same problem. You seem to have a lot of food visions here..... perhaps you need to eat more. ya think?

Rachel said...

Jim, I like the way you think!