Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Drainpipe whine

I love the sound of rain. Some of my coziest memories are of sleeping in the motorhome when I was a kid and hearing rain taptaptap on the roof.

Years ago my parents remodeled and added on to our house. My room was destroyed and I lived out in the motorhome for months, and when it was all finished I had a new room with corner windows and an awesome walk-in closet. But whenever it rained I regretted the one great drawback of my new digs: there was a drainpipe right outside my window, and the water would rattle loudly down and keep me from hearing the beautiful rain.

So it was for years until I moved, and then this last summer I moved again to this new apartment, and last night we had our first real rain. And what did I discover? There's a drainpipe outside my window again and it drowns out the sound of the rain!!!

"No one knows how I suffer. But then I never complain!"


Anonymous said...

maybe you can borrow the motorhome from the parental units. I am sure Madrid management would not mind it parked on their premises.

R.A. said...

The sound of the drainpipe can bring to mind the thousands of brothers and sisters suffering worldwide and you can pray.

Rachel said...

Thanks, Rachel, for putting my pettiness in perspective. :)