Friday, November 07, 2008

Is any food more beautiful to behold or fun to eat...

...than an artichoke? LOOK at this freshly-steamed beauty!

I never ate these growing up but I make up for lost time now. Check out this scene: my artichoke, a big plate for discarded leaves, a First Things journal to read, and melted garlic butter for dipping. What happiness! I was so moved I had get my camera.

They have a lovely shape from the side, too. An artichoke is so gratuitously creative and fun.

Such beautiful round leaves.

Working my way down to the choke.

I'm about to CHOMP into this heart.

Wow, that was good. :)

The artichoke: a sign that God loves us.

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R.A. said...

GREAT post! We would eat these about once a year as a special treat when I was a're making me hungry. And yes, we DO need to hang out...may have to wait until December, though!