Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Talking to the RCIA class

One of our church's catechists asked me to share my story about coming into the Catholic Church with this year's RCIA class, so I did that tonight. He hadn't warned me that I'd have the last ten minutes of a two hour stretch of class. There was an hour of lecture followed by an hour of small groups which was also mostly lecture, and it was nearly 9:30 pm by the time I was sent up front. The poor kids (it was mostly young adults in this group) must have been longing to go home!

So I was very surprised and gratified to see how polite and attentive they were, how meekly they submitted to this prolongation of the evening. I blabbed at them about the last few years of my life until I managed to make myself stop, and on the whole it seemed to go fine. But if anyone asks me to talk next year, I shall first ascertain whether I'll be made the last thing standing between the class and freedom!

Oh, and I was given tamales afterward, which was ample payment. :)


JimAroo said...

Even under the subject of RCIA....what do we have???


PS can I have some of the tamales?

Rachel said...

I scarfed down those tamales as soon as got home, naturally. When it comes to food I don't just blog the talk, I walk the walk.