Monday, November 24, 2008

An older form of Gregorian Chant notation

Sometimes during TLMs I find the chants in the back of my missal and sing along, and feel pretty cool that I can read the notation (it's very close to the way modern music is written).

Well, this will humble me. I just stumbled upon it on Wikipedia: an old-school (9th-10th century) form of notation!

Hard to believe that ever meant anything to anybody. :) Other crazy stuff here.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Consider myself musically illiterate, but awesome :)

Anonymous said...

chants are written in neumes...this one looks a bit blurry-- but I'd say it has the distinction of a scandicus and salicus form.

Rachel said...

Farfarolla, you are a woman of surprising knowledge as well as hidden talents!

Anonymous said...

I am sure Mrs.Levine and Mr. Mertens (old music teachers) would be very proud I remember something from their grueling class. I would probably know a bit more had I not spent half of that time ditching. In my defense though I was quite petrified of standing next to a piano and singing in front of a bunch of random strangers.