Friday, May 01, 2009

Seven one-sentence takes.

Here's Jen's post.

1) I'm going to a TLM in West Hollywood at 8 pm tonight for Saint Joseph the Worker, yay. :)

2) I'm drinking mango coconut oolong tea and I just discovered it's fabulous when lightened with coconut milk instead of the usual half and half.

3) My church has been plywood and plastic sheeting for 3.5 years now but at last they're repairing it, which means for now the five daily Masses must be held in the smaller, older church building and we're all packed in there quite cozily and kneeling on the hard tile floor; it's kinda fun!

4) In the AD 1000's a monk strapped on some wings and jumped from the abbey watchtower; want to know what happened?

5) I want simpler, lower-cal, less processed food, so some day I'm going to try Jen's recipe of rice, one can black beans, one can kidney beans, and chopped tomatoes (I'll probably substitute salsa) and cheese on top if I have any ready to hand.

6) My cousin Greg and his wife Amy, who got married in Yosemite last summer (see here and here), are expecting in December, and I can't wait for a new first cousin once removed; I currently have three.

7) I'm feeding the cat while my parents are vacationing back East, and every day when I arrive at my parents' house, the cat's waiting for me on the roof-- could she be hiding from nasty neighborhood cat bullies, or does she just like it up there?

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