Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Yosemite wedding pictures

I don't have internet access at my new apartment yet (the horror! the horror!) but while I'm here at Mom and Dad's printing Yosemite wedding photos for them, I can blog a few of my own. :)

I took this shot from Inspiration Point. You'll notice there was some construction on the road, but folks who are familiar with Yosemite will notice something else. Something... missing. I'll see if anybody gets it. :)

Hint: there were lots of fires nearby and the valley was full of smoke.

Price gouging in Yosemite: this vanilla shake and rather small chicken sandwich cost $10.51.

Other photographers capture wildlife in majestic poses. I get deer marking their territory.

On the left is the sign the Ahwahnee Hotel posted for the unwashed masses who approach from the campgrounds to walk across the south lawn and visit the hotel. To the right is the sign they posted for their own guests.


Mom and I left from Curry Village around 6 AM every morning to walk to Yosemite Lodge, there to eat breakfast in the beautiful glass-walled dining room. One day I led her off the beaten path for a nice walk by the river. It was hard to find a trail and the walk took twice as long. We ended up with a big muddy patch between us and the bridge we needed to cross, so Mom stepped lightly across. I blanked on everything I ever learned about physics and common sense, and tried to run across. Don't ask me what college I went to; I'm embarrassed enough as it is. This is what my legs looked like after I sank ankle-deep in the mud. Fortunately those shoes were old and I just threw them away at the end of the trip.

If you want something done right... My cousin Greg photographing his own wedding. :) His bride's about to walk down the aisle.

Glacier Point tourists gathered to watch. They photographed us and we photographed them! I told my friend Adonela that I don't expect to have random strangers interested in my wedding, but she pointed out that if I get married at St. Peter Chanel I'll probably have someone crashing the wedding Mass, as she's done herself.

Aunt Becky's about to hit them with the "Be fruitful and multiply" verse. :) There's Half Dome in the background, which incidentally is what was missing from the first shot. Normally you see it clearly from Inspiration Point, framed between El Capitan and the Three Brothers, but the smoke obscured it that week.

Awww. :)

I'm proud to be part of the sibship. :) Clockwise from top left: Abigail, Rachel, Benjamin, and Caleb.

Much hilarity and excitement when Benjamin's awesome girlfriend Amanda caught the bouquet. She wasn't trying hard; it went right to her. Benjamin missed the scene but we sure let him know about it when he entered the room a minute later. "I leave you alone for two minutes--!" said he.

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Eanah said...

Half Dome! NOOOOO! We hardly knew ye! (And yay, I guessed right!)

Those are great pictures. Thanks for sharing. And wrestling baby squirrels may be the cutest thing EVER. AWWWW!