Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Nashville Dominicans

Last weekend I was on a five-day vocation retreat with the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville, Tennessee. I posted a bunch of pictures here (I believe you'll be able to see that link even if you're not on Facebook... hope so, anyway.)


Warren said...

Very cool! Thanks for posting this!

Young Catholic women, and men, taking the idea of religious vocation discernment seriously is exciting to me!

As JP2 said at WYD2002, the Church is alive, and she is still young!


Rachel Ann said...

I looked at all the facebook photos...I could totally see you here.

Randy said...

I am reminded of Pope Benedict's Pentecost sermon. He talked about the Holy Spirit being like air. Then he talked about air pollution. The different kinds of spiritual crap we can find in society. This strikes me as a place where one can be virtually free of air pollution. It can give someone great spiritual strength to be there long term. It is no wonder so many nuns have become saints.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about a religious vocation.

Rachel Gray said...

Anon, it'd be pretty hard to go on one of those retreats and not think of it. :)

Randy, it's true, and that's one reason why certain environments (good convents, definitely) are so much more conducive to prayer... and certain movies, songs, TV shows, etc, are detrimental to it.

msc said...

Many thanks for the photos, they are truly inspiring.

Speaking of inspiring, I'll be praying that some if not all of you who attended the retreat will be inspired to answer a call to religious life!


Rachel Gray said...

You're welcome, and your prayers certainly would be appreciated. :)