Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who's in the pictures

The paintings in my May 6th post are, in order,

1) The Childhood of Christ, by Gerrit Van Honthorst

2) St. Ambrose Converting Theodosius, by Pierre Subleyras. Theodosius was a Roman Emperor who massacred 7000 people at Thessalonica in A.D. 390. Ambrose, the bishop of Milan, denied him the Eucharist until he had done penance for several months.

3) The Presentation of the Virgin, by Tintoretto. I think this scene might be described in the Protoevangelium of James, A.D. second century.

4) St. Francis Kneeling, by Francisco de Zurbaran

5) And the Sistine Madonna, by Raphael; Athanasius already named the other figures in the picture (in the comments).

Kudos to Cathy, Athanasius, Assisi and JimAroo for correct answers, and to everyone for their patience. :)

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