Sunday, April 06, 2008

More pictures from St. Andrew's Abbey and environs

Some friends and I went on Thursday. In addition to St. Andrew's Abbey, we hit a nearby nature preserve, and toward evening we hiked around some poppy fields. Did you know that it's illegal to pick a California Golden Poppy anywhere in California? True story. Okay, starting with the abbey:

A cat had the run of the ceramics shop.

This church totally looks like it was built by and for men. Brick-and-wood pews, sparse decoration, bare planks...

Pretty tulips outside, though.

The monks serve our soup course.

Ever wondered what vegetarian Benedictines eat? Wonder no more! (Jello salad too!)

I've no idea how he got the name.

I think God had fun making the desert horned toad.

"A good plant for the Extraordinary Rite!" as one of our company remarked.

My camera didn't capture the color well, but the poppies made it look exactly as if someone had sprinkled lots of the powdered cheese from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese boxes onto the hills. It was so incredibly windy that the poppies were all closed up, but they still looked wonderful.

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