Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cardinal Newman to be beatified

I spent most of yesterday dealing with viruses on my computer; depressing work and I'm not even half done. But! At the end of the day I got a reminder of this happy news. It couldn't have happened to a nicer Cardinal. :) If he'd been a Blessed last year I would have wanted him to be my confirmation saint. But I'm glad it worked out this way because I ended up going with St. Francis de Sales (who seems to be a favorite of Protestant converts), and I figure I can just bug 'em both now. Incidentally, this picture of a stained glass window of Cardinal Newman is from the workbook we use with our fifth-grade catechism kids. It accompanies an article on Saint John Neumann, but inasmuch as the man in the picture is dressed as a cardinal and is the spitting image of Newman, I think it's safe to say he's our guy.

At this point nothing could be more appropriate than to quote some of Cardinal Newman's own words, either from one of his beautiful sermons or from one of his many books. But I haven't time to pick out a good excerpt right now, so I'll save that for later, perhaps when he's actually beatified.


Rachel Ann said...

I would love to hear a quote, a little more about his life, and why he's being beatified. ALSO, if you're tired of viruses, get a Mac. Only about 2% of the viruses out there are designed for Macs, so you have less problems with them. In case you're not yet tired of hearing this phrase come out of my mouth, IT WILL CHANGE YOU LIFE.

Eanah said...

I couldn't agree with Rachel more. GET A MAC! You'll never regret it. Best OS around. :) *Hugs her Mac*