Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A new blog and a strong reader base

I'm more than happy to link to the site of a seminarian named Andrew, who writes, "My blog is mostly a catechetical/quasi-intellectual look at the faith, with focuses on prayer, theology, philosophy and developments in the Vatican. It's called "In Umbris Sancti Petri": http://inumbrissanctipetri.blogspot.com.

I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet but I wanted to put that up there right away, because I'm flattered by what he wrote in the comment a few posts below. I'd like to thank all of my pretty strong readers who made this possible! :) Actually I just read the post on St. Justin Martyr's use of fire to explain how the Son can be begotten by the Father and yet be no less God. I hadn't heard that metaphor before; it's very good.

Andrew-- God bless you and all seminarians, and for what it's worth I find I get a surprising number of hits by commenting on other sites, particularly the high-traffic blogs like Mark Shea's and Fr. Z's.


Andrew Haines said...


Thanks for the plug. I hope you enjoy some of what I post. I'll have to try commenting more, although to be honest even finding time to post on my own blog is taxing enough. Studying in Italian all day is a real drain on the mental energy!

Thanks again,

Rachel Ann said...

I'm surprised you didn't list mine as a high-traffic blog...

Rachel Gray said...

Andrew, you study in Italian?? Actually the priests at my church had to do that too, but wow, that would be a drain!