Friday, April 11, 2008

Hair one-upmanship

So I publish a post about cutting my own hair, so proud that I managed to trim off a tiny bit without major damage, and what does my friend Rachel do? Posts about the time she shaved her hair off entirely, complete with parental reaction.

I mean, how am I going to top that? I'll have to get a tattoo.

(I'm kidding. But in college I knew someone, a fellow biology major, who had the Biohazard symbol tattooed on the small of her back.)


Rachel Ann said...

You know if you get a tattoo I'll have to one-up you on that, too. I just can't stand to be second place. =)

Actually, I wasn't trying to one-up you, but when Hannah told me she'd found those pics, I was like, "I HAVE to put those on my blog..." and the story came before the pictures, so I had to throw it up there.

Rachel Gray said...

I knew you weren't trying to one-up me; I just thought I'd dramatically accuse you anyway. :) And I am REALLY looking forward to the pictures!