Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GPS acid test

On Saturday I flew in to San Jose and had to drive through the Bay Area to get to Sebastopol. My dear mom had given me a map with my route highlighted, and a written page of instructions too. "Don't get on the Oakland bridge," she warned. "You take the San Rafael bridge following signs to Berkeley. Not Oakland!" She wrote it in all caps on the instructions as well: "DO NOT TAKE THE OAKLAND BRIDGE."

But driving my rented PT Cruiser up the 880 North, I didn't have time to double-check those instructions, nor to look at the map. And somehow the words "Oakland" and "Berkeley" became transposed in my mind. When I saw a sign for the Oakland Bridge, I thought, "Oakland! That's the one Mom warned me to take!"

Result: I was dumped onto the crowded, confusing, slow, and often one-way streets of San Francisco. This would have been dreadful had I not recently bought a GPS for just such an eventuality. I mindlessly followed its instructions and got back on track. Yay technology!

Also, the PT Cruiser is a silly car. Oh, it looks all cool and retro, but it's got an awful turn radius.

Fortunately I was in time for the wedding reception, and it was well worth a drive through San Francisco. Really really good Italian food, and the couple looked happy too. :)

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