Monday, April 05, 2010

Short story for TLM fans

Hi folks! I'm back from a great weekend in Sactown, and as usual I don't have time to post all I would like.

For those of ya'll who know my former roommate Mery, she's going to become a novice this month at Corpus Christi Monastery! Pray for her.

Here's a random story I heard this weekend. We were visiting St. Stephen the First Martyr, an FSSP church in Sacramento where they always have the traditional Latin Mass. One of the parishioners there has a uncle who stopped going to Mass around 1959 and was away from the Church for decades. Finally, several years ago, he decided to return and asked his nephew, the most pious member of the family, to take him to Mass. So his nephew naturally took him to his own parish, St. Stephen's. Afterward the uncle remarked, "You know, all this time I've been hearing about how the Mass has changed so much, but I really didn't notice any difference!"

His nephew could only reply, "If you were going to be away for forty years, you picked a good forty years to miss."

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