Friday, April 09, 2010

Coconut smoothie

There are lots of videos on YouTube on how to open a young Thai coconut. Here's one:

They all lie. I needed a screwdriver and a hammer and lots of messy work to open the coconut that a friend gave me. But having finally opened it, I poured the juice into a blender, scraped out the meat and added it to the juice, then added vanilla ice cream and some crushed ice and blended it all. It was a very nice coconut smoothie that'll never be worth the effort again. :) I'm glad I did it once; next time I'll just buy a can of coconut milk for 99 cents.

I'm totally slapping the "Catholic desserts" label on this post because at the end of that video the guy explains how coconuts prove the existence of God. :)


Pam H. said...

I was told you can't buy a "young coconut" in the stores here, as they don't ship well. They are green, and the insides are clear and like gelatin, not hard and white. The young ones are supposed to taste better than what we get here. Do the ones on YouTube look like yours? (Having dial-up internet, I can't view anything on YouTube.)

Rachel Gray said...

Hi Pam! There are some on YouTube that look like what you describe, but I had a Thai coconut (like the one in the video I posted that you can't see). It's a shell covered in a thick fibrous white covering, and inside there's coconut milk and white meat that's much more tender than the regular coconut meat we're used to.