Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nearly 900 pages of short essays by C.S. Lewis!

I'm glad I got my copy several years ago because it now seems to be out of print. Anyway, here's a sentence or two:

Without going as far as Freud we may yet well admit that every man has an old grudge against his father and his first teacher. The process of being brought up, however well it is done, cannot fail to offend.


Warren said...

That is a fabulous book. I am feeling so smug. I have a copy too. And it's going for $180 or so on amazon is it? Well, I wouldn't sell mine for $200. Nor $250. Half a million, yes, I would sell it. Possibly, for slightly less than half a million.



Rachel Gray said...

I'm still waiting through it. Bite-sized C.S. Lewis... mmmm...