Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A lizard and boss cake

Today I was sitting at the kitchen table with the bright sun streaming through the glass patio door. Our cat, Gimlet, was frolicking outside, and suddenly she began to stare intently at a spot where the patio door meets the ground. She was pawing as if trying to catch something. I figured she had cornered an insect and I tried to catch a glimpse of her prey.

Then I saw something else move in the corner of my eye and glanced to my right. There was a lizard under the kitchen counter! Pretty big one too; maybe ten inches long (mostly tail). I lost composure for a moment, then opened the patio door in the hope that Gimlet would take care of it. She faithfully came inside and batted the lizard toward the door, and when she paused I took up a magazine and nudged him the rest of the way out. Then I closed the door and inspected it carefully. It turns out that even when the door's closed, there's a gap between it and the rails it rests on, big enough for a lizard to squeeze through if a cat terrifies him enough to make him attempt it. Comforting thought.

In other news we had a party for the boss today, and one of my artistic co-workers rendered his likeness in chocolate quite successfully. It wasn't as freaky as last year's cake. (I'll post the chocolate portrait later if I can get a picture of it.)

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