Sunday, April 11, 2010

10 Interesting Things about me. (Look, it's my blog-- what do you expect?)

The other Rachel just tagged me to post ten interesting things about myself-- thanks, dear!

Let's see...

1) I really dislike melted cheese. I realize this is a defect, but pizza commercials with all their cheesy cheesiness don't work on me.

2) Mix milk with root beer or coke. It's a good drink and makes about as much sense as a root beer float (which is also a good drink).

3) When I was eight years old I helped to vandalize a school. We broke into lockers, destroyed the contents, spray-painted on the ground, set fire to a trash can-- the works. Not long after, McGruff the Crime Dog visited our elementary school and sang a song entitled "Don't Vandalize!" Boy, did I feel guilty. We got caught later on.

4) I know three ways to make a sea urchin spawn.

5) I have an unusually large area of heterochromatin on my chromosome 7, which means... nothing. Here's a picture of my chromosomes after GTG banding. If you're counting them and think I'm one short, don't worry-- there are two chromosomes overlapping a bit that look like just one. I really do have 46.

6) For most of my twenties I wanted to get married and have six kids. They were going to be smart and perfectly raised. Now I figure I'll just try to do whatever God wants of me, because life is short and eternity is long.

7) I've lived in the Los Angeles area all my life. I'd never seen falling snow until last month in Tehachapi, CA. Here I am, all excited about being snowed on!

8) I have emails in my inbox from two years ago that I still intend to answer.

9) When I was eleven my mom sent me to swim team practices for exercise. The other kids were all older than me, but I was big for my age. I developed a crush on a fifteen-year-old from the high school who called me Smiley because I couldn't help smiling when I looked at him. He used to whack me with a kickboard when we passed each other in the swim lanes. It was exciting. He was so cute. I'm almost certain he didn't know I was in elementary school because when he saw me at a band review at the end of that year, wearing my elementary school uniform, he got such an indescribable look on his face-- shock, horror, nausea... That was just about the best romantic relationship I ever had. :)

10) Most days, my alarm is set to 4:30 AM. Bedtimes vary widely.

If you like this meme, I hereby nominate you to take part!


Rachel Ann said...

You set fire to a trashcan...when you were EIGHT??? Wow!!

Vincenzo said...

"2) Mix milk with root beer or coke. It's a good drink and makes about as much sense as a root beer float (which is also a good drink)."

Just had Laverne & Shirley flashbacks.

Rachel Gray said...

Well, I myself didn't start the fire. (It was always burning since the world's been turning...)

I used to watch Laverne & Shirley when I was quite young... is root beer what they were bottling at their jobs?

Vincenzo said...

They worked at a real beer brewery and Laverne drank milk and Pepsi.

Rachel Gray said...

I didn't know that! Cool.

Heather said...

I like to mix Pepsi and non-alcoholic eggnog at Christmas, a concoction Dad dubbed Pepnog when he first "created" it. :)

Vincenzo said...

"Dad dubbed Pepnog.."

LOL! I want to try that.

Rachel Gray said...

I really want to try that too! I think Pepsi might have some of the same spices as eggnog.