Sunday, March 23, 2008

Priestly tact

On Ash Wednesday I walked to the front of church where a priest solemnly intoned, "Remember that dust you are and to dust you will return," while he drew a black cross on my forehead with a thumb smudged in ashes.

Later he remarked cheerfully, "They don't show up on anybody like they do on you!"

But I'll have you all know that I have a very healthy monitor tan. :)


Rachel Ann said...

That's amazing! I love your priest! Is he single?...oh wait, sorry.

Rachel Gray said...

Yeah, he's not available... but the good news for you is, he does read this blog! :)

Rachel Ann said...

Good. I hope he notices my stunning wit. I'm trying to change the world through sas mouth. Think it'll work?

Rachel Gray said...

Can't say... My own life has already been subliminally transformed by the music of Said Sower.