Friday, March 28, 2008

New title

I've been planning to switch to the new title for a while now; "Would you like blog with that?" was never anything but a placeholder. I'm a bit embarrassed about my new banner, whipped up in three minutes with Microsoft Paint, seeing as I have a friend with an art degree who actually knows something about web design. I'll just hope most of my other readers are as tasteless as I am. :) I think I need to shrink the picture a bit but I'll worry about that later.


James Bernard said...

Oh leave the picture large, I love the shape of her eyes!

Eanah said...

Don't be embarrassed! I promise to beat up that art snob if she says anything. Then I'll give her a stern lecture about how, as someone with an art degree, she should actually be THRILLED to see someone having fun playing with images and fonts and colors and placement and asymmetrical balance and whitespace, because what's the point of design if not to inspire others to play with it as well? And then I'd tell the art snob that I really like the picture, by the way.

In conclusion, ignore people with art degrees. I know I do. ;-)

Rachel Gray said...

^ An awesome comment. :) Thanks!

Inasmuch as I now have your protection from art nazis, I shall give my "artistic instincts" free reign.

Rachel Ann said...

don't change a thing, rachel gray.

Adrienne said...

Very nice. Like the new name much better than the old one!

James Bernard said...

The gift of natural (secular) and supernatural (spiritual) knowledge miraculously conferred by God. Thought by some to have been possessed by Adam and Eve, who came into existence in an adult state and were to be the first teachers of the human race.

All items in this dictionary are from Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary, © Eternal Life. Used with permission.