Monday, March 24, 2008

"Attention, burglars!"

"We're a bunch of dunces here in Lakewood. Come rob us!"

(I snapped this photo myself and can verify its authenticity.)


James Bernard said...

It must have been such a mortification for you not to post this way back when you first saw it. I have noticed that since your post Lakewood has corrected some of its signs. By the way, since I came to California I have been wondering if Ralphs used to Ralph's before Ralph sold the chain and the name but not the apostrophe.

Rachel Gray said...

From Wikipedia: "Ralphs Grocery Company was founded in 1873 in downtown Los Angeles by George Albert Ralphs." And I am so gratified that someone has acknowledged the huge sacrifice I made in not sharing this picture with the world till Lent ended!

Actually I know a man who wanted to ask a certain woman out on a date but waited till after Lent... on Fr. John's advice. I *suppose* his sacrifice might have been greater than mine.