Friday, March 28, 2008

Making fun of the L.A. Cathedral is like shooting fish in a barrel...

...and has been done by every other L.A. Catholic with a blog. So how could I resist?

These are the nicknames I have heard for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels:
Taj Mahony
Rog Mahal
Our Lady of the Angles
The Jawa Sandcrawler
Our Lady of the Borg

A couple of comments about this cathedral, from the internet (and boy, are there a lot more where these came from):

"The one good thing that can be said of Taj Mahony is that it so little resembles a Church that it should be pretty easy to sell it if the Archdiocese and some future Cardinal ever come to their senses. The proceeds could be used to build an actual Church instead of this worship space on hallucinogens."

"A friend of mine was in LA just after the Rog-Mahal opened, and of that strange building he said this: 'It looks like the box a cathedral would come in.'"

The picture is from The Curt Jester, and I really wish His Eminence would thoughtfully consider the offer on the sign. But we'd have to sell it soon, before it starts to look silly and passé like all those 1960's buildings that were meant to be so bravely modern.

Oh, and let's not forget the scary androgynous adolescent with butch haircut and sci-fi clothing which adorns the doorway to the Borg mothership and which the Powers That Be are pleased to say represents the Virgin Mary. We may forgive, but let us never forget.

In fairness I have to say it's no worse than her representation here. But what did the Blessed Mother ever do to deserve this kind of thing?


Rachel Ann said...

Oooh! I've been here. And yes, as far as a church building goes, it's as ugly as sin. But I kind of like it for a museum - like the Getty.

James Bernard said...

Thanks Rachel,I was curious to see it in person. Not anymore. You saved me a trip.