Thursday, August 21, 2008

This is the guardian angel I want on Judgment Day

I saw Memling's Last Judgment triptych on the awesome Web Gallery of Art a while ago. This is just a tiny part of it, featuring a tug-o'-war over some recently-resurrected soul on the "saved" side of the painting. I love the angel's expression, fierce and determined but completely unperturbed.

The women in this painting are oddly proportioned, as if Memling didn't work from nude models but guessed at female anatomy based on the medieval fashions he saw. But anyway, I highly approve the fact that most of the saved female souls have red hair.


Athanasius contra mundum said...

I just posted yesterday on the other side of the triptych. Its a great piece of art and there's so much to post on. I like how the devil is a scrawny, weak looking creature. Its even better that the angel is about to stab him in the face.

Athanasius contra mundum said...

I tagged you for a meme.