Friday, August 01, 2008

Saint Picture Quiz 6

I must confess to lameness about my quizzes; it's been three months since I posted the last one and only now have I gotten around to adding the answers (in the comments section; Athanasius got one and the rest stumped everybody.)

Now I demonstrate my chutzpah by immediately starting a new quiz, and the twist on this one is that I myself don't know the answer. I ran across this picture online, of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and I'm really wondering who the cute Carmelite is, the one who manages to be tonsured without looking bald, and who seems so unconcerned about the sword sticking into him. My own guess is St. John of Cross, chiefly because he and St. Simon Stock are the only male Carmelites I can think of, but also because I wouldn't put it past him to have written some poem about his heart being pierced by love.


farfarolla said...

St. Angelus of Jerusalem is the one kneeling. (My middle name making me an expert on this subject). St. Simon Stock is standing. Further information will cost you.

Fr. John Evans, OP said...

St. Angelus, also known as Angelo of Jerusalem, was born to Jewish parents who had converted to Catholicism in the twelfth century. When he was a teenager, he and his twin brother joined a group of hermits and founded the first Carmelite house with the rule drawn up by Blessed Albert. He was sent to evangelize in Sicily and was very successful in converting many Sicilian Jews to the faith. His success, however, caused great persecution from the Jews and pagans who had not converted.

One of his converts was a woman who was in an incestous relationship with her rich and powerful brother. Through the preaching of Angelus, this woman came to realize the sinfulness of her actions, repented and converted to Catholicism. This angered her brother and he contrived with a group of heretics to murder Angelus. This murder took place in 1220 at Licate in Sicily when Angelus was stabbed to death.

Rachel Gray said...

Thank you, Father!

See, farfarolla, it cost me nothing but some waiting. :)