Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ordinary time cake

The latest gathering of fanatical Catholic friends in my apartment involved the conscription of a former Farrell's employee to make dessert. She came up with this:

Mint chip ice cream layered between slices of chocolate cake and topped with dark chocolate mint sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream and nuts. It was as good as it looks; you may envy me now.

My friends helpfully tried to tie this in to my blog. "The ice cream is green-- St. Patrick!" "It's not March." "Ordinary time!"

So there's our green Ordinary Time dessert. Naturally we ended with Vespers and Compline from our green Ordinary Time breviaries. :)


Athanasius contra mundum said...

That looks SOOO good!

Josephus Flavius said...

If you like cakes. :)

farfarolla said...

I felt guilty consuming all those calories -- but after the first bite it seemed to me that my taste buds became intoxicated in all that gooey chocolate. Delicious!