Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Narcissistic saint meme!

Athanasius has tagged me for this important question: If I should make it to sainthood, what picture would I want on my holy card, and of what causes would I want to be patron?

I totally want to pick the green-skinned picture on this blog's title bar! Seems vaguely inappropriate, though. This baby picture I posted a few months back might do it.

Or I might appear to be a medieval saint if I use this picture from a Halloween party a few years ago. Unless the hair and black cat familiar suggest a medieval witch instead...

A few years ago I wore that dress to a Reformation Day performance put on by a Christian elementary school, in which the students celebrated Protestantism in poetry and skit. Even as a Protestant I was a bit nonplussed by the ten-year-old narrator's vehemence as he explained in the introduction how Luther and friends led Northern Europe from DARKNESS! and HERESY! into the marvelous light, but otherwise I thought it a fine play for kids to do (mea maxima culpa). But about the costume, it wasn't so strange to be wearing it because Reformation Day is October 31 and many people were going with the medieval theme. In fact that was the problem-- another girl at the performance was wearing my same medieval princess dress, and it is so embarrassing when that happens. :)

What cause to be patron of? I think... people who have a hard time figuring out God's will.


Eanah said...

Well, you can easily differentiate a medieval saint and a medieval witch by determining if the person in question (you) weighs the same as a duck, and therefore floats, and is therefore made of wood, and therefore will burn, and is therefore a witch.

So long as you carry around a duck with you to prove you're not both the same weight, I think you're golden! :)

(Love that costume, by the way. Really accents your hair.)

Athanasius contra mundum said...

I like the idea of using the pic on the blog header, except what is that thing floating there in front of you.

Rachel Gray said...

Hahaha! I'd forgotten that Monty Python scene. Thanks for the compliment; I think the lighting may have been responsible, since Suzanne's hair is very vivid too. :)

Athanasius, that thing is a virus, as are the things entering the girl's brain. The picture was an illustration for an article on gene therapy, which is delivered with viruses. But when a friend asked me "Is that infused knowledge flowing into you brain?" I had my new blog title.

Mary Rose said...

Ha! I like that patron saint idea:

St. Rachel, you have gone before us, hitting dead ends, tripping over the beer bottles of life, and somehow you found the will of your precious Lord, which caused you to victoriously lead so many others into the glorious realm of blissful obedience. Hear my prayer, O St. Rachel, and place my petitions in the palm of Our Lord's hand, remind Him of the overwhelming avalanche of too many options and help me get the heck out my own self-made mess... Amen.

That's what I'd pray although of course we'd have to wait until the historians verified the beer bottle part...

Mary Rose said...

Well, I hit send before I was able to check for spelling errors!

I wanted to add that I love the image of Humvees. I truly do see the Roman Catholic church as heavy-duty, armored transport.

Making that poster would be hysterical! I could see someone looking at it and think, "So the Catholic Church is now producing Humvees? Or is that the new Popemobile?"

Hmmm, I just might make one myself! :-D

Rachel Gray said...

Mary Rose, I was just going through the archives and I found your comment. I love that prayer you posted! I'd like a saint I could pray it to right now... and I suppose many of them did hit their share of dead ends and trip over the equivalent of beer bottles in their own centuries. :)