Friday, February 01, 2008

Smart crow

Driving to work today, I noticed a crow down the street taking off from a telephone wire. He hovered for a few seconds in the air until my car neared him, and then he dropped something right in front of me. I heard a crunch as one of my tires ran over it. In my rear view mirror I saw the crow land on the street after I'd passed.

I've heard that crows have learned to use cars to crack their nuts for them, but this is the first time I've had the honor of being selected for the task!

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Benjamin said...

Birds can be smart but not that smart. I saw a seagull a few weeks ago dropping a small clam onto the sand. I can only assume this was a behavior learned in a rockier environment that migrated to an utterly silly and useless place. I was amused and saddened at this birds folly so much so that I starting trying to steal the clam and end the seagulls embarrassment. This sea rat with wings must have been able to size me up and knew just how fast (slow) I was because every time I raced for the dropped clam it was able to scoop it up and fly away just out of the reach of my diving fingers. He would soar up and away a bit and I would pretend I didn't notice he was even there until he dropped it again and the race would be on! Oh! So close that time. After a few attempts I was wet and sandy and most of the population of the beach was staring at me (human and animal) so I gave up. Ya, birds are pretty stupid creatures.