Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pictures get passed around

At any church event or road trip, someone from among my friends usually pulls out a camera. We always ask each other for the pictures; I'm particularly demanding. "I see you have a picture there from Fr. Jeremy's ordination. Why have I not received a copy of this from you yet?"

So my friends have begun to respond and I've received pictures through email, on CD, or by loan of the whole camera card. Yesterday one friend gave me a CD, saying it contained pictures she'd copied from another friend. She was vague as to what the photographed events were, so when I got home I eagerly stuffed the CD into my computer to find out.

The pictures were mine. I took them on my camera at a couple of farewell parties for some priests of ours. Evidently they traveled from friend to friend until the original photographer was forgotten, and now they have come full circle!

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Rachel Ann said...

This is hilarious.