Sunday, February 03, 2008

Liturgical abuse nightmare

No, it was an actual nightmare! I just woke up from it this morning. In my dream, when it came time for consecration, the priest had a huge picture of Mary or something in his hands. Not knowing what to do with it, he set it on the altar, leaning precariously against one of the candles, where it blocked the view for much of the congregation and threatened to come crashing down.

The consecration of the wine was performed by two teenage Asian girls, one preceding the rite with a rambling story in Chinese, and the other interpreting for her. But the first girl, forgetting her role, began to simply tell her story in English, causing the second girl to look lost and the audience to laugh.

Two quite young boys then came tottering up the steps with a ciborium the size of a huge punch bowl, and from my angle it looked like they would fall. I'm glad to say I woke at that point. The whole thing was very distressing and I think perhaps I've spent too much time on Trad messageboards.

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Adrienne said...

And so, what's your problem with this???????????

(Only kidding) Those ultra trad sites will make you crazy after awhile.