Friday, February 01, 2008

Celebrations on my last day at work

My wonderful co-workers gave me a suitable send-off which involved these two cakes. They've got big sea urchins and little sea anemones; the one on the left has a whole coral reef background with "sand" around the base of the cake. Is that cool or what? It's one of the prettiest cakes I've ever seen! My co-worker simply gave the cake decorator a picture of strongylocentrotus purpuratus and the explanation that it was for a lab that works on sea urchins, and this is what the woman came up with. Anemones are usually larger than urchins and not the other way round, but I'm not complaining. :) Note also the candle shaped like a sea urchin skeleton.

There was good champagne, and as is tradition in our lab when someone leaves, someone popped the cork into the ceiling and then circled and labeled the dent that it made. (You can hardly see the dent in the photo because my camera flash erased the shadows, but trust me, it's there.) So I've made my mark on the place!

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Eanah said...

Wow! Those are absolutely gorgeous cakes! Many kudos to the decorator. :) Thanks for documenting them and sharing the pics.

What a fun tradition with the champaign cork. Now you're forever a part of the lab. My company has a very strict no-alcohol policy, so that's definitely not a tradition we have.

But up in the press box at Angel Stadium, there's a HUGE dent in the back wall where a fly ball came screaming through, nearly tearing off some heads as it did so. It's amazing it didn't hit anyone. The dent in the wall has been circled and dated, and it was a creepy three or four days prior to when I was last up there! I'm very glad the Harvest Crusades don't involve actual baseball, as apparently the press box is not the safest place to be during a game! :-P