Saturday, July 10, 2010

Raspberry white chocolate ganache

I have an addendum to my macarons post.  I used a raspberry mascarpone filling on that first try, but a few days later I made more macaron shells from the same recipe (here) and filled them with something even better: raspberry white chocolate ganache (recipe at the end of this PDF tutorial).

This time I used only a teaspoon of powdered pink coloring in one batch, and no coloring at all in the next batch.  Here are some of the cookies after I piped them, drying out and forming the requisite shell on top.

Then for the ganache I began with heavy cream, always a great way to start.

I heated it and threw in raspberry jam and white chocolate, which at first didn't look like much:

It got more reasonable once it was mixed:

I then took a break (and a picture of the cat relaxing outside.)  The ganache needed to cool way down before it would be thick enough to pipe.

Piping is a lot easier than spooning the filling out, once you've set everything up for it.


And there we are!  I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of a bitten macaron-- the pink ones were pinker on the inside.  Another time I might add red food color to the filling, because raspberry without coloring takes on that grayish color.  But no matter; it tasted wonderful. :)

I figured I'd better publish this post before I made yet more macarons, which... might be pretty soon. :)  Perhaps I'll even get around to posting about something other than food, one of these days.