Friday, July 02, 2010

Adoratrices, part deux

I know some other American girls who are interested in the Adoratrices, and one of them gave me a boatload of links today, some of which I hadn't been aware of. It's hard to find info about them online, so I thought I'd post the links here:

The renovation of the convent in St. Louis, where some sisters might end up. I love that they used color on the walls:

Their French website:

The Institute's French website:

Institute publications, including the sisters':

Institute pictures from Italy, including lots of photos of the sisters:

The girl who told me about all these was also thoughtful enough to point out Google Translate:

It's helpful, but pretty funny when "Salut du Très Saint Sacrement" is translated, "Hi the Blessed Sacrament". :)


Anna said...

This might save a little browsing for people in a hurry ;)

Cells! Cats! Postulants in mantillas!

...all that's missing is desserts really.

Rachel Gray said...

Thanks Anna! The cat one is my definite favorite. I'll just fill in the desserts from delightful memory.