Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big lemons

The lemon tree in the backyard is dropping about eleven lemons a day.  And some of them are... pretty big.

My arms are still sore from lemon-squeezing on Monday, but there's nothing for it-- gotta get these puppies juiced before a few dozen more fall.  So I just engaged in an hourlong wrestling session with the juicer and the ginormous, thick-skinned lemons.

Actually most of them are a more reasonable size.  In fact I'm intrigued by the size variation to be found on one tree:

In my family we make very strong lemonade, maybe three parts water to one part lemon juice, and about the same volume of sugar as of juice.  The result exfoliates in unexpected places and is more acidic than many lab chemicals I handle with gloves.  But for those who can stomach its lemony power, it's FAR more tasty than the silly lemon-scented water currently sold in stores under the name of "lemonade".

Maybe I'll take some into work and see what my co-workers make of it...

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