Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I've been so busy lately, but I hope you all appreciate the clever blog posts I've been composing in my head and never publishing. :)

This morning around 3:50 AM I was gradually awakened by a weird repeated sound very close by-- right next to me on the bed, in fact.  It didn't sound anything like an alarm clock's tone, but it was persistent like an alarm, and like an alarm it was dragging me out of sleep, so I quite naturally attempted to silence it by bringing my whole arm down upon it, palm opened and flat to slap the snooze button.  It wasn't my alarm I slapped, though.  It was the fuzzy wuzzy cat, who'd been repeatedly flexing her claws into my tightly woven comforter.  At any rate, it worked-- the sound stopped and I went right back to sleep.  Forty minutes later the real alarm went off.  That one I couldn't silence with a slap, because (knowing myself well) I'd placed it all the way across the room, to force myself to get out of bed to shut it up.

At least I haven't required the flying alarm clock.  When it starts shrieking, the key that's required to shut it off goes flying away and you have to get up and chase it down. :)

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Athanasius contra mundum said...

At least you didn't do like I did this morning. Apparently, if you hit the snooze on my alarm enough times it doesn't go off anymore and I ended up oversleeping.