Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things you can buy from vending machines

I saw this at the Burbank Airport in southern California. "Here, honey-- on my way home I got you something from the vending machine! I love you!"

The bouquets were $20 each.

And I wasn't even impressed, because I'd changed planes in Las Vegas and this is what they had at that airport (besides slot machines):

Yup, a Best Buy vending machine, where you could swipe a credit card and get a digital camera, an iPod, an iPhone, a portable video game player, and all sorts of other stuff to keep you amused on your flight. But it would all need to be charged up first....

A closeup of the goods. I wonder if sticking them in a vending machine makes them seem cheaper? "Oh, here, let me just swipe my card and grab an iPhone... it's not a big purchase, just a vending machine purchase..."


Heather said...

I've seen vending machines just like that! In fact, there's a flower vending machine at the hospital where Dad was staying when he had his surgery last year. The spots were unusually large for a vending machine in order to accommodate the bouquets, and they looked pet sized. I immediately imagined pounds setting up dog and cat vending machines for adoptions. "Mommy, mommy! Get us cat C6! He's so cute!"

What's always bothered me about the iPods in the vending machines is... then what? Yay! I bought an iPod before my 14-hour flight home. I'm gonna have so much fun!... Now if only there was some music on it. :-/

Rachel Gray said...

Haha, the poor pets, rotating around in a machine all day. :)

Yeah, that's a problem with the iPods. Another problem is they're not charged up. But the vending machine is so fast and convenient, maybe Best Buy figures you won't think of that till you've made the purchase. :) Or maybe it can be a last-minute airport gift for whoever you're visiting or coming home to...