Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Burn your candles

If you own candles, you should burn them. Use your perfume, wear your good clothes, peel your stickers off their pristine backing and stick them somewhere, eat your fancy chocolates, and in general, use up the stuff you have that's made to be used up and probably won't be worth as much to you in ten years if you don't use it.

Okay, the chocolate part of that exhortation probably wasn't necessary.

Mainly I just want to post some pictures in order to justify having bothered to take them. So I tried to burn this candle but it didn't fit in the little glass:

But when I set it alight anyway, look what happened-- the wax softened and the candle slid down after all.

Here's the final, completely liquid stage of burning:

And here's proof I take my own advice even for pretty painted candles. I had this apple on hand seven years ago when I bought my first digital camera:

The hula girl seemed kinda happy about her fate.

And here are the bird candles that served as Christmas decorations for many years before my mom proved she shares my philosophy by burning 'em.

I like candles, especially scented Yankee candles. Next I think I'll buy the Ocean Water scent.

Thus endeth my candle post.


Rachel Ann said...

My concern here is the candle sitting on the edge of your laptop. You've got guts, girl.

Rachel Gray said...

The apple candle sitting on the flammable napkin might be even worse... I'm going to end up getting sued for this post.

Warren said...

Hula girl must have one hulava headache. :-)


Rachel Gray said...

Oh, I don't know... it might be more like a pleasant warm buzz...

Seriously, a friend of mine from college who's now a doctor once watched some brain surgery when we were undergrads. The patient was anesthetized but kept conscious while they opened his skull and did the surgery, and after a while he announced, "I have a headache." No kidding!