Monday, February 15, 2010

Nice one, Rachel

When I came home today and opened our front door, the scraggly little white dog of the previous post was there. She rushed right toward me, squealing and jumping up excitedly. "What is the mutt doing here?" I hollered to the rest of the house, and then I entered the family room to find my parents sitting with the mutt's owner, who was visiting to thank us for the dog-sitting.

"Such a sweet little creature," I hastily added for the owner's benefit, scratching her dog's back. "She greets me as if she'd never been away!"

I'm off to pry my foot out of my mouth now. :)


Rachel Ann said...

Oh this is so funny. I miss you. OH! And I need to know the name of that dentist you went to like a year ago.

Linda said...

Ouch!! They were sitting in the family room?? With the old or new carpet? At least you didn't point out the places where the "mutt" left her mark! (-:

Rachel Gray said...

With the new carpet (which looks lovely), but the creature behaved herself in the presence of her mistress. :) I'm praying she's forgotten my words by now!