Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Setting the world straight, one combox at a time

I first saw this cartoon about a year ago, I think. I don't know what genius created it, but ever since then I've been better at not spending hours trying to straighten out some person who only wanted to get a rise out of me anyway. :)

Actually, that reminds me of when I spent a season emailing the author of a popular basketball column, complimenting him and trying to be funny and hoping he'd pick my email to be quoted on his blog. It never happened-- until the day I inadvertently said something he disagreed with. Then he excerpted my letter and explained why it was wrong. So with some people, the way to engage them is to say something stupid that needs to be corrected!


Rachel Ann said...

That's horrid! I would have been mortified!

VA said...

It's from xkcd, which I expect you'll like excessively well. :)

Rachel Gray said...

Thanks VA; you were right about that! Rachel, it was embarrassing but could've been worse-- he wasn't mean about it... I had opined that the NBA shouldn't have given 10% of the seats in the Finals to reporters but should have saved more for the fans. I forgot that I was writing to a reporter. :)

Heather said...

Ah, VA beat me to the punch. It is indeed xkcd, one of the classics in web comics and a very fun read. :)

Warren said...

I love XKCD.

This one nails me 100%.