Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to write an entertaining yet effortless post

Just slap up a bunch of YouTube clips!

I thought this was sweet. :) A father/daughter wedding dance.

When David Robinson was a star in the NBA in the early 90's, Nike did a bunch of cool (for the time) commercials with "Mister Robinson's Neighborhood". My favorite:

I like it when slam dunkers get creative for our entertainment.

One of the best parodies on YouTube. Excellent choice of subjects, making good use of the cheesiness of the original Star Trek series.

More Star Trek: worst, yet funniest fight scene ever. I'll admit it actually is a bit intense if you get into it... that part where they're grappling together... but what's with 0:55 when Kirk is pushing so hard to keep from being bitten, and then he just takes his hands away and nothing happens?

I would totally watch this movie for a while if I found it on TV. I enjoy camp now and then.

Seen this one yet? A ridiculously cute kitten.

Back to Star Trek: an excellent summary of the worst episode they ever made.

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