Friday, December 18, 2009

Question Words Quiz II

Anyone want to take a crack at it? I think this quiz is harder than my last one, unless you happen to know the answers already...

Who is this?

What is this?

When is this?

Where is this?

Why is this?

How is this?


Cathy said...

Who is this? St. Philomena
What is this? A chocolate dessert? I hope it is not an art-glass covered chalice.

Cathy said...

Why is this? I started out thinking the children in bed had the plague,the woman was their exhausted mother or nurse,the young man was a messenger sent to shut the windows and doors to quarantine the house, and the bishop was preaching about the pestilence. Then I saw that the young man might be putting something up at the window, and it looked like he had a saintly halo. Then, I thought, if this is a depiction of a saint, the bishop preaching and the young man at the window might be two scenes in the life of the same saintly person.
So, this is St Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, who is preaching on the left side, and on the right is leaving a sack of money to provide a dowry for the three sleeping girls.

Rachel Gray said...

Who is this? - Correct, it's St. Philomena, or rather it's the three tiles that sealed her tomb in the Roman catacombs. The last tile was placed first, apparently because that was the only way they would fit. It's supposed to say, "Pax tecum Filumena" -- Peace be to you, Philomena.

What is this? - Yup, it's a chocolate dessert, and not just any dessert but a $750 cupcake.

Why is this? - Exactly! I wondered if anyone would be able to figure out St. Nicholas. The sitting man in blue is the girls' father. Having received a dowry for the first two already, he's sitting up on this third night to try to catch their unknown benefactor.

I think you're easily the champion of Infused Knowledge quizzes now, Cathy. :) I'll see if anyone can get any of the other three.

Cathy said...

When is this? Is it July 6, 1535, the death of St. Thomas More? I thought the women might be his wife and daughter, or two daughters. Their dresses look like the right era. The prie-dieu and prayer book in the background remind me of Annunciation paintings, though.

Rachel Gray said...

It's only a few years later-- Anne Boleyn with one of her maids, awaiting execution in the Tower of London. Maybe she's wishing St. Thomas More had prevented her marriage to King Henry VIII after all...